Wondering How to Make Your Sermons STICK?

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The Secret to Preaching Memorable Sermons

We know preaching a memorable sermon every Sunday isn’t easy. There are so many things on a pastor’s plate - discipleship, hospital visits, keeping up with volunteers and a building, and trying to fit in a time for family. The week flies by and suddenly it’s Friday, and you don’t have your sermon prepared. 

After spending time studying, praying, and writing your messages, you want them to be remembered. Did you know that people are more than 6 times more likely to remember visual communication over verbal communication? This is why sermon graphics together with the messages you preach are so important. Together, they can help you teach, disciple, and change lives. 

So, we created a solution to help you find incredible sermon graphics that will not only help you preach better, but save you time and money! 

We carefully curated 250 sermon graphics following a pastor’s typical preaching calendar over an entire year and packaged them together into one bundle. 

When we first looked at this bundle, the total value was over $1200. There is no way could we ask pastors and churches to make that kind of investment when that amount of money could be used for other areas of ministry. 

So, we’ve made it easy for ANY church to purchase. This bundle gives 250 graphics at your fingertips for only $50 - a 97% savings. This offer will save you time, money, and stress! Who doesn't want to save on those three?!

Download this media today and know that your entire year of sermon slides are ready to go!

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This deal is only $50 (97% Savings)

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